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Hello, and welcome! I'm Hagen Paul Pfeifer, Chief Software Architect specializing in the architectural design and strategic oversight of complex software systems. My journey in software is defined by the creation of robust digital solutions that not only function effectively but also drive innovation and progress in the tech world - under the many constraints of economics, maintainability, security and sustainability!

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In my role, I lead diverse teams, merging different disciplines to forge paths to success. There's a unique joy in collaborating with passionate individuals, each contributing their expertise.

At the core of my expertise lies a deep-rooted understanding of software, with particular strengths in the Linux kernel, software analysis, security, embedded systems and network protocols. These areas are not just specialties for me; they are the pillars upon which I build scalable and efficient systems.

I've played an active role in shaping the standards of TCP, IPv6, and BGPv4, contributing to the evolution of the internet as we know it. My contributions to the Linux kernel are focused yet varied, touching on the network stack, tracing, perf, epoll, kvm hypervisor, among other subsystems.

Beyond the technical realm, I am passionate about knowledge sharing. This has led to my involvement in writing articles for Heise, delivering talks at various conferences, organize conferences and participating in esteemed organizations such as the ACM and the German Informatics Society (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.).

Whether you are exploring cutting-edge software solutions or simply interested in the ever-evolving world of technology, I hope you find this space insightful. Welcome to my corner of the digital universe.

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